Custom 3D Printed Orthotics

Custom 3D Printed Orthotics

BodyWorx can design and manufacture custom orthotics and prescription insoles with ourstate-of-the-art 3D printer and design software.

 Adapt, grow, evolve! This has always been a key element at BodyWorx.

We always put you first and want to have the most advanced and up to date health care options available.

What is a Custom Orthotic?

Custom orthotics are specially designed and individually crafted shoe inserts or insoles that are made to address specific foot and lower limb issues. They are designed to provide support, cushioning, and alignment for your feet, helping to alleviate pain and discomfort, correct biomechanical problems, and improve overall foot function.

What’s the process?

A full biomechanics assessment is performed to address the need for the orthotic.

Pictures are taken of the feet with specific measurements taken.

A 3D scan of the foot is taken to map out exact contours of the feet – making the orthotic bespoke to you.

The custom orthotics are then designed.

The orthotics are then printed in house on our 3D printer.

Given to you to slip straight into your shoes.

How to know if orthotics are likely needed for you? 

Send us a picture of your feet from behind (like the picture above) and we will get back to you with our recommendations.